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AEEC General Session

2018 AEEC | AMC
April 23-26, 2018
Sheraton Dallas Hotel
Dallas, Texas
Hosted by Southwest Airlines

The AEEC General Session is an important event on the AEEC calendar. The AEEC General Session marks the culmination of the years' standards development work. New ARINC Standards are discussed and approved at this meeting. Furthermore, the AEEC initiates the work program and schedule for the coming year. The AEEC General Session is an ideal opportunity for aviation industry professionals to obtain an overview of the important technical developments in air transport avionics and other aircraft electronics.

AEEC General Session Items:

  • AEEC General Session Announcement
  • AEEC General Session Agenda
  • AEEC Adoption Items
  • AEEC APIM Proposals
  • AEEC Symposium Schedule
  • Notification of AEEC Adoption Actions
  • Notification of New AEEC Activities

AEEC General Session Meeting Reports

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Staff Contact

Paul Prisaznuk
AEEC Executive Secretary